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Following a workshop format, I can help you with creating a clear and compelling business strategy, using the latest insights in research and business.


To teams and individuals I can act as a coach, helping you clarify matters so you can arrive at the right issues to address.


As a speaker, I contribute to your event by synthesizing what’s going on in the world of business, innovation, and marketing. My presentations are scholarly crafted and engaging, making them stimulating and easy to digest for a managerial audience.

teaching and research

Most of my teaching concerns strategic marketing, and innovation management and new product development, both in degree and executive programs. I am proud  that I have been voted Professor of the Year multiple times.
I happily accept invitations to teach. I have presented my work to academic and business communities all over the world–apart from Oceania, so now you know my bucket list.





My main goal is to help firms and individuals realize their ambitions.

And to have a little fun, I admit. I do the things that I like to do. Teaching, research, and service to business are what make me tick. I research what I teach, and teach what I research, in business and academic communities.

At present, I am a professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, the only private business school in The Netherlands.


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