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Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a couple of webinars. Both were on innovation, in one I discussed the concept of Lean Innovation and in the other one I presented a lecture on how marketing and innovation work in unison. As an experienced teacher, I must admit I was amazed.

My amazement was not about being confined in a small studio and talking to a set of cameras. What amazed me really was the intensity of the interaction with the viewers of both webinars. Obviously, I had no way I could tell who the participants of the webinars were. But the moderators at www.crowdale.com really understand their job and provided me with what they thought were the most relevant questions of the audience.

It is not only the sheer number of the comments and questions that reached me. I found the quality and depth of the questions intriguing, surpassing those of any regular lecture that I have given over the years.

So I decided to put my experience to another test: I will invite my MSc students to (partly) follow my course on Innovation Management and New Product Development through a series of webinars.

I will keep you posted about my experiences, but feel free to share your comments and thoughts on this!