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Here are some books that I co-authored. They have been written to be read by managers, so you will find them easy to read with many practical and real-life examples:

  • Moenaert, R. and Robben, H., 2016. Marketing met ballen (in Dutch). Adfo Group, ISBN 978-94-921-9614-9.
  • Moenaert, R., Robben, H., and Gouw, P., 2011. Marketing Strategy & Organisation, 7th edition (in English). LannooCampus, ISBN 978-90-209-9857-3.
  • Kotler, P., Keller, K.L.,  Robben, H., and Geuens, M., 2010. Marketingmanagement: De essentie, 4th edition (in Dutch). Pearson, ISBN: 90-430-0674-2 (earlier editions appeared in 2004, 2007).
  • Moenaert, R.K., Robben, H.S.J., Gouw, P.  and Ezcurra, L., 2010. Marketing con Visión de Futuro (in Spanish). Madrid : ESIC.
  • Moenaert, R. and Robben, H., 2006. Visionaire Marketing (2nd edition, in Dutch). Tielt: Lannoo. ISBN: 90-209-5157-2 (the first edition appeared in 2003).
  • Moenaert, R.K. and Robben, H.S.J., 2000. Strategisch denken in marketing (in Dutch). Deventer: Samsom.
  • Robben, H.S.J., Van der Veen, J.A.A., en Ogink, E., 2000. Supply chain management (in Dutch). Deventer: Samsom.
  • Van der Veen, J.A.A. and Robben, H.S.J., 2000. Demand en Supply chain management (in Dutch). Deventer: Samsom.
  • Moenaert, R. and Robben, H., 1999. Visionaire Marketing. Inaugural lecture (in Dutch), Universiteit Nyenrode. ISBN: 90-73314-56-9.